The Employment Advisory Council (missions and operation)

The Employment Advisory Council is a permanent body which brings together members of Parliament, business and labor representatives, directors of central administrations (Economy, Finance, Labour and Employment and Social affairs Ministries), managing directors of the Public employment service (Pôle emploi, Unedic, Adult Lifelong Training National Association), local authorities’ representatives, economists, directors of public statistics administrations (INSEE, DARES), together with experts chosen for their knowledge and experience. The Council provides policy recommendations to the Prime minister, on the basis of expertise and consultation with all labour market stakeholders.

It has a broad remit since its missions include :

- diagnosing the causes of unemployment and assessing the labour market situation and medium- and long-term employment prospects ;
- assessing the existing policies designed to foster, improve career paths and lifelong training ;
- making proposals to remove barriers to job creation and improve the functioning of the labour market. In addition, the Prime Minister, as well as the Labour and Finance Ministers, can refer any issue to the Council.

The Council’s reports and recommendations are transmitted to the Parliament and made public.